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Post-Newcastle: Cheeky As You Like

December 15th, 2014

The yo-yo campaign continues as Arsenal respond to last week's disappointment by pummeling a hapless Galatasaray in Istanbul then a hungover Newcastle at the Emirates, leaving us to wonder how exactly we can get in Liverpool's collective head before Sunday. Helping us pick through the wonder goals and umpteen deputizing centerbacks will be returning guest Martin Tomlinson, plus some appropriately frustrating trivia on everyone's favorite mohawked center forward...

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Post-Stoke: Old Habits and All That

December 8th, 2014

Arsenal's run of good form continued with an impressive win against Southampton at home only to evaporate within seconds of the starting whistle at the Britannia as the Gunners turned in a catastrophic 1st half performance that eventually saw them humiliated 3-2. Helping us make some sense over Arsenal's schizophrenic defensive showings and Arsenal's fading title (and top four?) aspirations will be Jordan Wiebe of the Fresno Gooners, plus crazy fast goal trivia and the Wanker of the Week briefly, briefly resurrected for the Orcs and Anthony Taylor...

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Post-West Brom: Two’s a Streak

December 1st, 2014

Arsenal discover an oasis of wins at the end of a torrid November as they ease past a meek Dortmund and shutout West Brom on their way to a fixture-filled festive period. Joining us to discuss whether or not Arsenal’s defense reached their coming of age moment this week and debate the merit of the latest “Wenger Out” banner will be returning guest Garry the Twin Cities Gooner, plus some suitably rinky-dink fanfare for the Arsenal Review USA 5th Anniversary trivia contest...

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Post-Man U: We Do It To Ourselves

November 24th, 2014

Man U's law of "anything that can go wrong for Arsenal will go wrong" comes into effect for something like the 2,634th time as the Gunners pull off the impossible feat of losing at home to the weakest Manchester United side in decades, leaving us to wonder (again) if the current regime will ever be able to stop the rot against top clubs. Helping the podcast map out the changes in the rivalry over the years and answer the tough questions like who or what is responsible for Arsenal's dearth of on-field character will be Jon Shay of Woolwich 1886 and the Chicago Gooners, plus some tentative, *tentative* predictions for the midweek showdown against Borussia Dortmund…

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Post-Swansea: Abandon Defensive Ship

November 10th, 2014

[Insert any past synopsis of 7 day period where Arsenal's defense imploded], leaving us clutching at straws when it comes to our Wenger apologetics. Helping us discuss the squad's doomed mission to hold onto leads will be The Short Fuse's Phil West, plus a depressing allusion to midfielders of yore in our trivia contest to keep you warm(ish) over a very cold, lonely international break...

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Post-Burnley: Alexis the Great

November 3rd, 2014

The one man show that is Alexis Sanchez picked right up where it left off as the Chilean bulldozed his way into a number of chances and a brace of goals as Arsenal turned frustration into fruition at the Emirates against the league's bottom-most team. Helping us decide what LANS could join Alexis up front, gage Arsenal's momentum meter and preview round 2 against Anderlecht on Tuesday is returning guest Sam Limbert of, plus reminiscing about some of the finer "almost moments" in Arsenal's history and the finalization of the minnow club update…

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Post-Sunderland: London’s Offensive Feebleyurt

October 27th, 2014

Winning ugly becomes Arsenal's modus operandi as they snatch victory from the jaws of defeat in Brussels and then continue Vito Minnone's Junior Gunner hazing by stinging Sunderland for two goals away from home. Joining us to talk over the increasingly heavy burden being placed on Alexis, one dimensional pressing and the season's first "top 4 chances" discussion will be returning guest Chris Jenkins of Arsenal America, followed by a couple of nominations for the podcast's "Minnow Club" update and a chance at Arsenal SWAG so easy even Owen Coyle couldn't screw it up (or relegate it twice)...

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Post-Hull: We Don’t Need No Motivation

October 20th, 2014

If drawing to Hull City at home wasn't what you had in mind for Arsenal's ideal return from international break, you're in good company: joining us on the pod to discuss makeshift defenses, largely untested third string goalkeepers and a squad in serious need of a 24 hour motivational speaker is returning guest Elliot Smith (Yankee Gunner), plus a little info on how you can pick out a new podcast segment, the Idiot's Guide to (the One Thing You Should Know from) the Annual General Meeting, the usual Arsenal SWAG and more…

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Post-Chelski: Not Enough Flair

October 6th, 2014

Things go from offensively fruitful to fruitless for the Gunners as they run riot in midweek Champions League action against Galatasary before sputtering away to the oil barons at Stamford Bridge. Giving us a firsthand account of the flairs, the fouls and the big game tactics of the week is Arsenal commentator Dan Roebuck, followed by your wildest dreams featuring John Terry vs Diaby's foot…

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Post-Sp*rs: Hero in a Half Shell, Oxlade Power

September 29th, 2014

Injuries and unpredictable lineups characterized Arsenal's stuttering performances throughout the week, first in a disappointing Capitol One Cup loss to Southampton and then in a slightly frustrating league draw with the Tiny Tots at home. Helping us sing Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain's praises, patch holes in the lineup for Arsenal's injury-prone midfield and (try to) predict the amount of pragmatism Arsene Wenger will employ against Chelsea will be's Tim Bostelle, along with some rather depressing "Who's Scored Twice against Tottenham?" trivia and rather mean-spirited Chelsea build-up...

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