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Post-Sunderland: London’s Offensive Feebleyurt

October 27th, 2014

Winning ugly becomes Arsenal's modus operandi as they snatch victory from the jaws of defeat in Brussels and then continue Vito Minnone's Junior Gunner hazing by stinging Sunderland for two goals away from home. Joining us to talk over the increasingly heavy burden being placed on Alexis, one dimensional pressing and the season's first "top 4 chances" discussion will be returning guest Chris Jenkins of Arsenal America, followed by a couple of nominations for the podcast's "Minnow Club" update and a chance at Arsenal SWAG so easy even Owen Coyle couldn't screw it up (or relegate it twice)...

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Post-Hull: We Don’t Need No Motivation

October 20th, 2014

If drawing to Hull City at home wasn't what you had in mind for Arsenal's ideal return from international break, you're in good company: joining us on the pod to discuss makeshift defenses, largely untested third string goalkeepers and a squad in serious need of a 24 hour motivational speaker is returning guest Elliot Smith (Yankee Gunner), plus a little info on how you can pick out a new podcast segment, the Idiot's Guide to (the One Thing You Should Know from) the Annual General Meeting, the usual Arsenal SWAG and more…

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Post-Chelski: Not Enough Flair

October 6th, 2014

Things go from offensively fruitful to fruitless for the Gunners as they run riot in midweek Champions League action against Galatasary before sputtering away to the oil barons at Stamford Bridge. Giving us a firsthand account of the flairs, the fouls and the big game tactics of the week is Arsenal commentator Dan Roebuck, followed by your wildest dreams featuring John Terry vs Diaby's foot…

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Post-Sp*rs: Hero in a Half Shell, Oxlade Power

September 29th, 2014

Injuries and unpredictable lineups characterized Arsenal's stuttering performances throughout the week, first in a disappointing Capitol One Cup loss to Southampton and then in a slightly frustrating league draw with the Tiny Tots at home. Helping us sing Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain's praises, patch holes in the lineup for Arsenal's injury-prone midfield and (try to) predict the amount of pragmatism Arsene Wenger will employ against Chelsea will be's Tim Bostelle, along with some rather depressing "Who's Scored Twice against Tottenham?" trivia and rather mean-spirited Chelsea build-up...

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Post-Villa: Hangover Cure

September 22nd, 2014

Arsenal hit both poles of their performance capabilities with a toothless loss to Dortmund away followed by a timely win against 2nd place (?!?) Aston Villa, so to help us make sense out of this unlikely sea change, flimsy formations and Wide Ozil vs Central Ozil will be returning guest Martin Tomlinson of the DC Armoury, plus some Sp*rs-gutting trivia for this week's Arsenal SWAG…

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Post-Man City: Danny Pinseeker

September 15th, 2014

Arsenal's attacking strengths and defensive flaws both took center stage as they rode out a disappointing draw against champions Manchester City, a result that left us to wonder when exactly Wenger's side will rediscover its winning ways against the top teams. Helping us discuss the tough squad decisions and build up ahead of the Dortmund match will be returning guest and Twin Cities Gooner Garry Bowman, plus we'll extrapolate as much unjustifiable information out of Danny Welbeck's chip off the post as possible and put some much-needed South American spin on the new two-prize contest…

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Post-Leicester City: The One Before the Transfer Window Closed

September 2nd, 2014

The early season lethargy continued with a narrow win over Besiktas to secure Champions League qualification and an uninspiring draw against Premiership newboys Leicester City, causing many to wonder just how many disinterested Arsenal midfielders it takes to unscrew a tightly-held Premier League defense. Helping us answer that question, discuss the level of leadership qualities in the squad and evaluate Arsenal's Champions League group will be Michael and Brandon from the Queen City Gooners, plus our *spoiler-free* take on the impact of the summer transfer window...

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Post-Everton: Better Late Than Never

August 25th, 2014

Arsenal's growing pains continue with a lackluster draw in Istanbul followed by a last-gasp draw at Goodison Park, leaving the Gunners with plenty of work to do in the Champions League and in the tactics room. Helping us talk center forward shuffling and Champions League qualifying nerves will be Chris Jenkins of Arsenal America, followed by Jordan and Channelle of the Fresno Gooners recounting their 6,000 mile trip across the US -- and all their stops in between -- to see Arsenal in New York City, plus the Wanker of the Week resurrected, some prize trivia involving Dennis Bergkamp's favorite opponent and a fairly lengthy primer on current Arsenal beards...

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Post-Crystal Palace: Picking Up Where We Left Off

August 18th, 2014

Arsenal carry their choice brand of knife-edge entertainment into the new season with a nerve-shredding, last-gasp win at home over a well-organized (read: medievally defensive) Crystal Palace side. Helping us pick out the positives from Arsenal's setpiece defending (no, we weren't aware of these positives either), decide between an increasingly difficult Giroud-Sanogo selection choice and shuffle lineups pre-Besiktas will be returning guest Elliot Smith, plus your feedback on vanishing spray, unidentified flying bird poo and contest SWAG courtesy of Ruffneck Scarves...

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Post-Community Shield: Ginormous Dinner Plate of Success

August 11th, 2014

Arsenal showed they were bound and determined to right their big game wrongs as they piled the pressure on Manchester City from the get-go and earned a well-deserved 3-nil victory in the process, their first Community Shield win since 2004. Joining us to relive another glory day at Wembley, discuss the departure of Thomas Vermaelen and the resulting depth issue in defense will be Sam Limbert from, along with some listener feedback on the captaincy reassignment…

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