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Post-Liverpool: Home Drought

August 24th, 2015

The home goalscoring duck remains unbroken as somehow things stay scoreless between Arsenal and Liverpool at the Emirates, leading us to wonder what exactly is the source of the squad's offensive struggles, just how long Petr Cech will have to fill in for the absence of the Mertescielny axis and whether we really want to start discussing the timing of Arsene Wenger's subs only three games into the season (spoiler: we do). We've also got a suitably scoreless trivia contest. So, there's that.

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Post-Crystal Palace: On the Board

August 17th, 2015

Arsenal break their points duck with the help of OG's new and old as first the Frenchman then the less fortunate Irishman bulge the Crystal Palace net at Selhurst Park. Helping us dissect Alan Pardew's kamikaze gameplan and make sense of Theo Walcott's perpetual benchwarming will be returning guest Sam Limbert of Sam's Match Reports, plus we confuse your favorite Arsenal scissor kicks and try to find an excuse to insinuate Mikel Arteta back into the holding midfield role...

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Post-West Ham: Opening Mayday

August 10th, 2015

The first setback of the season comes just a tad earlier than expected as two soft goals to West Ham at home prevent Arsenal from capitalizing on Chelsea's dropped points. Oh, and we scored none so it also means we lose, a topic we'll be trying to make some sense of with the help of Woolwich 1886's Jon Shay, along with some discussion on just how much home cooking Karim Benzema requires and whether or not an opening day loss is just a drop in the bucket or a serious dent to title aspirations. Cheer up, only 37 more to go!

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Post-Community Shield: Hello José, My Old Friend

August 3rd, 2015

Arsene treats José to the sound of silence as Arsenal muscle out the title winners for the second Community Shield in a row thanks to a ruthless Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain strike. We’ll relive it all with the help of Adrian Cazares and Rick Breese from Arsenal America, plus discuss how much we should really read into a Community Shield victory and get an update on the perks of an Arsenal America 2015-16 membership...

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Post-FA Cup Victory: Blessed Team, Blessed Performance

June 1st, 2015

Arsenal are full value for the win as they fully eclipse Aston Villa with an offensive and defensive masterclass that sees them clinch their second — SECOND, PEOPLE — FA Cup in two years. We’re pretty ecstatic about all this, frankly, and we’re even more pleased to be able to relive the whole glorious day at Wembley with the Arsenal match day commentator Dan Roebuck, who’ll discuss starting lineup surprises, the unsung-success of Wenger’s tactics and the trophy mileage we can hope to get out of this current squad of players. We’ll also present the best, the worst, and the filthiest of 2014/15 based on listener reviews, as well as unveil the Arsenal Review USA Podcast Sunday Fantasy League winner.

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Post-West Brom: End the League With a Bang

May 25th, 2015

After blanking Sunderland in midweek, Theo Walcott and co. expend all the goals they've been saving up for the last two home matches in a 4-1 thrashing of West Brom and officially seal a third place finish for Arsenal. Helping us analyze these two games and prepare ourselves tactically, emotionally, and spiritually for the FA Cup Final will be returning guest Garry Bowman, plus we unleash the annual End of Season Detox for everyone who wants a chance at Arsenal SWAG and crown/totally gloss over the host prediction winner of the season…

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Post-Man U: Just Enough

May 18th, 2015

Arsene's go-to starting XI turn it on late to snatch a draw and all but cement Man U in a fourth place Premiership finish. Talking us through how this -- and recent results -- could affect Wenger's FA Cup Final squad plus some discussion on the Coquelin offensive sacrifice will be Elliot Smith / YankeeGunner, along with us breaking the seal on the moments of the season and some summer transfer window speculation(!!)...

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Post-Swansea: Kick Up the Backside

May 12th, 2015

Arsene’s men are brought crashing down to earth at the Emirates in a humbling snatch-and-grab job by their Welsh nemesis Swansea, making the race for 3rd suddenly a much more tense affair. Helping us explain how Arsenal’s usually razor sharp offense went so blunt will be Jordan Wiebe of the Fresno Gooners, plus some discussion on the ongoing Walcott cameo saga and rotation plans for next week’s busy schedule…

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Post-Hull: Whipping Boys

May 5th, 2015

Arsenal deliver a first half lesson in merciless finishing as they ease past Hull and return to winning ways in the Premier League. Helping us identify the team's true star performers, figure out if it really makes any difference where Aaron Ramsey starts on paper and look ahead briefly to *another* Monday match against Swansea will be returning guest Jon Shay of Woolwich 1886, plus the Dutch audio trivia guy revealed and your run-of-the-mill St. Totteringham's Day revelry...

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Post-Chelski: You Get What You Play For

April 27th, 2015

The oil barons roll out their It’s-So-Bad-We-Like-To-Think-It’s-Good gameplan for the umpteenth time this season as they thwart Arsenal’s attempts to play an actual game at the Emirates, leaving Arsene Wenger’s men with an anti-climactic 0-0 draw and an improbable points gap to hurdle to reach the Premiership summit. We’ll talk over the usual Arsenal-Chelsea flashpoints and the difference-makers who just didn’t show up with Sam Limbert of Sam’s Match Reports, plus the most difficult audio trivia ever gets extended and we’ll gauge the amount of mojo behind wearing yellow kits in cup finals…

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